Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Swimming" Exercise

Spinning students and cyclists can spend extended periods of time with their torsos flexed over the bike. Therefore, strong posterior thoracic and lumbar region muscle groups as well as powerful abdominal muscles are a must for these groups. The swimming exercise strengthens the back, gluteus maximus and hamstrings while lengthening the hip flexors, quadriceps and chest. This exercise can be performed 2-3 times per week along with other core strengthening and flexibility exercises.
To perform the exercise correctly:
1.     Lie prone on the floor and press your pubic bone into the mat.
2.     Pronate radioulnar joint 90 degrees and extend your arms 180 degrees with thumbs pointing toward the ceiling. Depress shoulders (Draw your shoulders down away from your ears).
3.     Inhale as you contract your back extensors and gluteus maximus, lifting your arms, upper body and legs from the mat while keeping your pubic bone against the mat. Hold this position for one complete breath.
4.     Contract your left posterior shoulder muscles and extend your right hip flexors and then switch to the right posterior shoulder muscles and left hip flexors. Continue alternating sides, inhale and exhaling as you do.
5.     Aim for 3–5 repetitions on each side.
Modification: Beginners can keep their heads on the mat, lifting only the opposite arm and leg.

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