Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quad Stretch

The benefits of incorporating flexibility training into your spinning plan are immeasurable. Stretching reduces muscle soreness, tension, risk of injury and contributes to overall good health. It is important to always stretch slowly, to the point where you feel mild discomfort. To experience maximum benefits, hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds and breathe deeply through your nose. Avoid bouncing, which can lead to injury. Most importantly, always stretch off the bike! Stretching should be incorporated after every ride!

To stretch your quadriceps which are heavily used in spinning:
1.  Hold onto the bike with one hand, using the bike for balance.
2.  Grasp the top of your foot or ankle with your free hand and bring your heel close to the buttocks. Be sure to keep your knees parallel. Do not pull on your foot/ankle.
3.  As you exhale, contract your abdominals and slightly contract your hip flexors.
4.  To increase the stretch, anteriorly tilt your pelvic girdle.
5.  Hold the stretch and breathe. Switch legs after 30-60 seconds.

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